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2018 Exhibitor

Exhibition Sales Manager

  • 3+ years hands on experience selling exhibition booths and sponsorships
  • As a delegate sales personnel, you will be proactively selling our exhibition space to existing and potential exhibitors over the telephone and persuading them to be a part of our elite
  • The daily activities include presenting and describing the benefits of our exhibition to the clients and ensuring their participation;

  • Collecting information about the client and documenting it; and maintaining a contact database of potential client.
  • To identify qualified prospects and effectively present the key features and benefits of our
    projects and secure their participation as delegates/sponsors.
  • To initiate and maintain timely follow-ups with new clients under minimal supervision.
  • To aim at attaining pre-determined sales targets
  • Utilize telephone solicitation, electronic and written correspondence as tools in order to reach
    and exceed the delegates target for each conferences

Emirates NBD

Doris Hangartner AG

Pamela Huizenga Jewerly

Wheels of Arabia

Zayoon Trading

Asis Boats

ASIS Boats is a world leader in providing advanced maritime solutions in Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB). We bring concepts to reality, providing you with the solution to your most complex needs.

Recognizing that each end user has its individual specific requirements, every ASIS Boat is built to order to the highest specifications and standards, whether the requirement calls for Military, law enforcement, Search & Fire Rescue or a recreational boat.

ASIS Boats can be certified with European CE approval, NMMA and ABYC.We also have approvals from different maritime authorities including USCG Sub-Chapter T, SOLAS.

The ASIS philosophy of Safety, Quality, Design, Innovation and performance, incorporated into each manufactured Rigid Inflatable Boat is what makes ASIS Boats the preferred supplier to Military, law enforcement and Commercial organizations around the world. ASIS Boats have been sold in over 80 countries internationally.


Bobby Woodward Exotic Leather

Woodward’s Fine Exotic Leathers was founded by artist and designer, Bobby Woodward, artist.  Bobby creates exclusive custom and one of a kind bags and jewelry, ranging from luggage to furniture. If you can dream it; he can make it. Specializing in his kangaroo leather lacing and braiding, he meticulously handcrafts each piece.  Woodward’s focuses on using humanely and sustainably farm-raised animals.  Bobby can even use your own skins or old family heirlooms to embellish your new piece or his beautiful and talented wife, Kathryn Woodward, can custom cut any gemstone to perfectly match the leather’s shape and style.  Bobby also does all his own silver and gold smithing, to create unique and exclusive hardware for each piece. Each finished piece comes with a lifetime guarantee and impeccable customer service

Canlis Glass

Cobalt Kinetics

Cobalt Kinetics manufacturer of the AR-15 and M16. Innovative designs feature new technology and many improvements to the old design. The Best performance, best reliability, and best value in modern sporting rifles.

EIRL Ariane Rubiella

Elizabeth Farber


Gemveto Co., Inc

Goldwire Clothes

Italian Volt SRL

Italian Volt is an Italian electric motorcycle manufacturing company with over 50 years of extensive motorcycle industry experience knowledge. Its eternal aims are to maintain excellence and innovation while changing the transportation experience. Italian Volt seek to offer the ultimate electric motorbike combining full customization with Italian design and sustainability.

Joystickbikelab ltd

Joystickbikelab are a young company which aim is to build new products in the bicycle area. Based in Switzerland we want to market worldwide a fun and reliable bike, with swiss quality

Lions Gate Corporation / Replete Skincare

Replete Skin Care

The iBio Movement is a system for thriving in body, mind, and soul. It brings all aspects of healthy living into a symbiotic relationship with nature’s cycles. We are all impacted by the natural changes in the circadian and seasonal rhythms, which is why Elisabeth Thieriot expertly considered their influences when creating Replete Skincare. Through proprietary vegan ingredients, Circadian and Seasonal Actives, Replete enhances these inherent biological phases and treats the normal, fluctuating needs of the skin year-round - building healthy, radiant skin.

Also, the iBio™ Movement is a health and wellness program that offers educational resources and materials, including Be Fabulous At Any Age, Discovering Excellent Health and feature documentary Decoding B’aqtun to better our understanding of how our body’s systems are connected to the universe and affect our life, nutrition, and well-being.

Luigi Bona and Gio Arts SRL

Massimo Tamburini S.R.L.

Smacircle Technology Ltd.

Smacircle Technology was found in 2015. After 2 years of rigorous research and development, we finalized the design of Smacircle S1, and we launched Smacircle S1 on Indiegogo in May 2017. After the launch of Smacircle S1, over 80 media outlets around the world reported Smacircle S1. Our official video has been translated into more than 10 languages.We want to be the most creative and innovative specialist company in urban transportation and solve problems that people in cities and towns face every day with awesome technology.We want to be an environmentally-responsible and innovative company that continuously provides better solutions for short distance transportation. Our products will be more than a transportation vehicle, they will be city commuters’ everyday companion.

The Elite Cars

The Elite Cars, one of the favorite new and pre-owned luxury car dealers of both locals and expats, has proven itself over the years as a force to be reckoned with in the Dubai market. Being one of the largest showrooms for British, German, American, and Italian brands, we offer nothing but the widest variety of choices to suit every customer’s taste, lifestyle, and budget. We also take pride in our excellent customer service, strong export capability, competitive rates and flexible finance options, which serve as the ingredients for our longstanding success in the region.

Visit our showroom today and have a fun, easy and convenient luxury car shopping experience!

Zaaf Collection

ZAAF is a collection of premium leather goods and accessories handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in our facility in Ethiopia. Each piece is made to exacting standards and showcases beautiful craftsmanship and natural resources unique to the region it draws its inspiration from. ZAAF is a word that means “tree” in the ancient and noble Amharic language.

ZAAF’s creative designer, Abai Schulze, reflects deep influences that span from the countryside to the capitals of the world where she has lived and studied. Her life journey has taken her from an orphanage in Addis Ababa to the United States and the rest of the world, and back to Ethiopia. She is committed to using her background in economics and fine arts to create unique and practical expressions of beauty, and to open avenues of opportunity for talented artisans in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.

ZAAF's creativity has been recognized in various ways, ranging from appearing on runways at New York Fashion Week to being featured in Elle, Lucky and Vogue, to receiving the UNESCO Tremplin Prize for Entrepreneurship.

Youmans Capsule

Wenzel Surfboards

Victoria Travel

Unabashed Trends

Unabashed is not just another handbag company. Our bags proudly display materials that surprise and inspire. With natural components and artisan details, Unabashed bags are unique and trendsetting. We pave our own path in the world of accessories, introducing unconventional and fearless designs. Unabashed handbags are more than an accessory: they are works of art.

Ukrainian Gears LLC

TT Customs

Travelmate Robotics Inc

Thomas & Darden

Thomas & Darden

Sound matters. We are audiophiles who share a simple but meaningful idea: Sound should complement space, not compete with it. So we’re creating audio inspired by all the places it will be heard. Sound designed to fill large spaces beautifully. Powerfully. Completely. The result is KUBE, our first-ever portable speaker designed for the outside world. We like the sound of it. And we think you will too.

Tek Treasure

Technical Resources Motors

Technical Resources Motors

A modern buggy car, exclusive for in-house rides and vacation adventures. Introducing the suave new Mini Moke – a fun Australian resort recreation car that is now available for luxury rides and family experiences inside beaches, hotels, golf clubs, private communities, parks , resorts and for luxury events.


SPIN’s persistent exploration into the integration of form, function and technology reinvigorate its compelling drive to create ceiling fans of exquisite craftsmanship. A timeless addition to any space,

SPIN is the quintessence of both function and luxury.

Established in 2008, the brand has redefined the concept of ceiling fans. Embodiment of perfection is the only constant for SPIN.

The brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence continues with its Ultra Dynamic Direct Current (UDDCTM) Motor and state-of-the-art engineering of its airfoils. Our ceiling fans are committed to

Deliver on its tagline - The Epitome of Natural Wind.

Shakti Ellenwood Precious Jewellry

Shakti Ellenwood Precious Jewellry

At the heart of Shakti Ellenwood’s exquisite designs is her passion for creating ethical Fair trade jewellery. Each handcrafted creation is made using certified conflict free gemstones and 18ct Fair trade gold which is fully traceable and sustainable sourced. These precious materials are lovingly crafted into ethical jewellery inspired by ancient cultures, sacred symbols and Ellenwood’s journeys around the globe. Rich in romance, myth and ritual, each design blends centuries-old artisanal skills with Ellenwood’s distinctive aesthetic. From ethical engagement rings and ethical wedding rings to her signature animal amulets, every piece is a unique heirloom designed to be treasured for generations.

Senhsin Industrial Co.,Ltd

Senhsin Industrial Co.,Ltd

Since 2014, founder established the department of carpentry by the passion he holds for many years, who originally own a paper industry for over 30 years.

With his vision and passion, which leads him to start a company named “THE EGG” in Taiwan, as its meaning of new birth, an ideal of non-toxic, environmental friendly design product. Thus he also establishes an oversea brand called “WAVE” to spread out his conception.

However, we focus on kitchen and bathroom, which uses latest technology and equipment to craft and design sustainable product that provides safe and comfortable user experience even for baby and elders. Furthermore, we’re providing a stylish way of living and an opportunity of friendly to the environment, people and animal to live in order to be gracefully with respect to our world.

Sellerie Virgile Cazals

Sellerie Virgile Cazals

The know-how is a dream, a masterpiece, a unique piece. Each piece of Virgile Cazals is the result of an uncompromising work, meticulous, a unique know-how, as well as an exceptional craftsmanship. From the famous Camargue saddle to the amazing English saddle our workshop perfects its work around the world since 2010.Enter and explore the world of saddlery and leather goods of luxury and excellence. The rule is easy all this time Virgile Cazals has kept in mind the need to constantly create and he kept the knowledge of his ancestors, knowledge that transcends time, making each piece or masterpiece a dream that comes true. A saddle, a handbag, a belt, is and will remain a piece of art and luxury beyond compare.

Scalar Corporation

Scalar is a company of “world’s first’s.” At this show, Scalar is unveiling The Mental Scope, a pupilometer to measure stress and the level of one’s anxiety. Previously in 1987, we made the world’s first, “Touch and View” microscope whose image was displayed on a monitor instead of at the end of an eye tube. In 1998, Scalar produced the first portable digital microscope used by NASA and many manufacturers in quality control. We made the first affordable moisture checker to determine the skin health. Scalar also produced the first hand-held USB microscope announced by Steve Jobs at the 2000 Mac world keynote address.

Scalar’s task is to solve the problems of our customers and to develop products that will benefit the world. We hope to benefit your company as well!

Saz Shoes, Ltd

SAZ - handcrafted luxury women’s shoe brand launched in 2015 by designers Sanita Avotina and Inga Sabovica, debuted with the Spring-Summer 2015, created as day-to-night collection for all the moods and playful attitude to self-image. Ever since, brand continues to develop two limited edition seasonal collections a year in accordance to fashion industry timetable.

Safella Ltd

Safella Ltd

Through product invention and innovation our aim is to create products to help you become the best version of yourself. Somnuva is the first and only product in the world that actively works with users to improve sleep.

Decades of neuroscience research have found a unique and proven patented sound technology that re-trains the brain to follow a healthy sleep pattern.

Unlike other products Somnuva is non-intrusive, it doesn’t simply track or monitor, it goes directly to the heart of the problem, it is the only true ‘Sleep Solution’.

Royal Coffee Maker

Royal Coffee Maker

Royal is based in Paris, France and enjoys a truly international reputation.

Maria Tindemans, owner of Royal, is a true coffee lover. Having witnessed a balancing siphon coffee maker in a museum, the quest to create a twenty-first century classic led to collaboration with the talented Parisian artist Jean Luc  Rieutort,.

Both saw an opportunity to augment its engineering precision, optimize the purity of taste, and adorn the machine with rare beauty.

Royal Paris coffee makers are sold to a small group of HNWI coffee connoisseurs. We welcome the luxury hospitality industry to use the Royal Paris in their suites and restaurants

To complete this exquisite coffee ceremony experience, we are collaborating with Kopi Luwak, the most delicious and most expensive coffee in the world.

Rowbike Inc.

Rowbike manufactures, markets and sells Row bikes – The Ultimate Fitness Machine - worldwide from its home location in the Upper Midwest, Minnesota USA.

Pheres (HK), Ltd

Italian Fine Jewelry and Fashion House.

PHERES brings luxury back to its roots by creating very exclusive products of extremely high quality that the niche     market of connoisseurs truly appreciates.

Narcisa Pheres, a line dedicated exclusively for fine jewelry enthuses with one-of-a-kind diamonds and resonates opulence for the high-end market.

Among the PHERES brand are the Narcisa Pheres Fine Jewelry pieces that have been gracing  many a red carpet event. With these pieces,  in the belief that true opulence is in the detail, the greatest of  consideration and care is paid to even the smallest of steps in the design and creation process.

Natalia Zabelina

Mustache Cycles

Founded in Treviso, Italy, Mustache Cycles design and build exclusive hand-built custom bicycles. Inspired by old traditional models their classic bicycles are the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

The bicycle equals a journey and this is exactly the spirit of Mustache Cycles. The journey that the bicycle offers is an opportunity to take a journey in time itself. We have travelled back in time and have found ourselves in places in the nineteenth century when the bicycle represented a superlative design object, the first important vehicle which became symbolic for those who owned it. Our journey was to relive the past and project it into the future.

Emotions; strong and sudden: this is what we promise, strong emotions for fearless hearts.


Marciano S.R.L

Marciano S.R.L

Arbiter is a handmade Italian high-quality shoes company with more than sixty years of experience.  It was founded by the President Alfonso Marciano in the Campanian town of Santa Maria a Vico, not so far from Caserta, the heart of the ARBITER industriousness. The company started to grow all around the world thanks to the collaboration of Alfonso’s wife and his numerous sons, in the creation of luxury shoes produced even on behalf of third parties. Models designed for every season showcase a wealth of sophisticated workmanship techniques with fine leathers able to merge comfort and beauty, every item is unique and inimitable. During the years the Arbiter Brand has expanded in several countries such as South Africa, Central Africa, Azerbaijan, Australia and all the Europe. The aim of Mr. Marciano is to promote his products in many other areas of the world.

Luigi Bona and Gio Arts SRL


Hoverstar Flight Technology Inc. began in Shenzhen China with its inventor and his vision for innovative recreation and rescue technologies. Since 2015, Hoverstar and its team of committed developers have secured over 20 patented designs with applications for land, sea and air. With our extensive line of exclusive products ranging from the single user recreation H2, to our all new Hoverstar 9-1-1 rescue series we are paving the way to a new era. At Hoverstar we are confident you will find something for everyone!

House of Monatic Pvt.Ltd

House of Monatic, South Africa, has been known for its tailoring heritage. Dating back to the early 1900's, House of Monatic has been the leader in premium suiting, shirting and corporate wear. Our aim is to create clothing of the highest quality that fulfills all our client’s needs.

The House of Monatic brands are some of the most popular brands in menswear, corporate and women fashion brands in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our brands stand for good value for money and satisfies the lifestyle needs of today’s customer; who is seeking sleek tailored to fit suiting, sophisticated taste. Ultimately high quality fabrics and accurate finishing.

Our brands are considered to be dynamic lifestyle, top of the range brands, exciting and timeless giving our clients a lifestyle that implements style with confidence and elegance.

Today, House of Monatic houses five brands under its umbrella whose success is evident in their own right.

House of Li-Jon

House of Li-Jon

One woman, a pair of pliers, metal rings and a distinct appreciation for anything extravagant, rare, artistic and beautiful. Lia’s imagination brought her here when looking to pick up a Metal-crafting hobby. Authentic Ancient Chainmail Metal Sculpting with a modern Artistic futuristic approach for interior design, jewelry, and Wearable Fashionable Armor Design. Lia’s Chainmail Sculpting Exploration holds no boundaries when it comes to her Imagination. Who said Armor couldn’t be worn in the 21st century... Let Lia Custom Sculpt Armor Tailored to your bodies’ dimensions. No royal Body Armor should ever be the same so personalizing your creations is a must. All of Lia’s creations are handcrafted by her through her Artistic visual instincts. Her Portfolio is a template of directional possibilities for those to see but she is more up for the challenge of what hasn’t been done. Lia is just 7 years in of teaching herself this very rare ancient metal craft in her spare time. She hasn’t even scratched the surface of her imagination holds.

Hautnah Design

Hautnah Design

The new Swiss luxury brand for unique products. Bags, belts and accessories out of fine genuine leather. I manufacture your dream products from choose able kinds of leather. I use different kinds of leather for example Carp, Eel, Ray, Alligator, Crocodile, Caiman, Lizard, Ostrich, Calf, Lamb, Pony, Lama and Kangaroo.

All the leathers are selected personally, by hand and of course we pay attention to the sustainability. All my products are made as unique and in the highest quality. If you would like to purchase a worldwide unique product, you can contact us on our website.

Gold Royal

Eoz Audio SL

EOZ audio is a fast growing European start-up designing and manufacturing premium, wireless, and personal-audio-devices.

EOZ one: Bluetooth earphones crafted from leather and aluminum.

The first product of their catalog, launched in 2016 through a first and successful crowdfunding campaign, it has a uniquely secure fit design and a premium feel.

EOZ Air: True wireless premium earphones made of aluminum boasting handmade graphene speaker and having, along with its charging case, 52 hours of autonomy. The award-winning design which has generated 1.3 million USD of pre-sales through crowdfunding in less than 90 days.

Carlend Copenhagen

Cara GD & CO. Limited

CARA offers a collection of delicate and extraordinary classic high-end haute joaillier, the One of a Kind handmade Titanium limited seasonal collection and the brand of timeless grace - GILIN.

GILIN was launched in Switzerland in Summer 2017 by Gigi C - a jeweler, a traveler and a mother of a 3-year-old. Her creations were inspired by the bond and love between herself and her daughter Lina, the concept of the beautiful European architecture whilst traveling with her daughter and the spirit of brilliance, wisdom, and independence of a woman. Gigi dedicates to bring out love, elegance, and prestige to all wearer who loves GILIN. Every piece of her creations is crafted of the highest quality and top craftsmanship. The unpredictable, timeless grace of the remarkable designs will never fail to impress you.

Born Sculptures

Born Sculptures are unique Bronze sculptures made in a powerful and dynamic way. The sculptures always have the same theme and a special name.

Michel is inspired by iconic objects animals and the human body. Some of the sculptures are gilded 24KT. The themes are always power and strength.

Bolt Motion SRL

Bolt Motion an Italian company focused on urban mobility, empowering people to move freely and easily. Shortening commuting time.

Bo’s Art Inc

It was in 2000 when we discovered, that stainless steel mesh is a perfect material to be used for handbags and that's when Bo's Art was created. We are based in Los Angeles, where all the work, from design to the finishing touches is done. Every item is handmade.

Berq Jewellery & Sarkis Sahakyan

Handmade luxury unique pieces for women and gents.

Jewelry for special events, statues, watches, and etc

Bandria Auto

Bandria Auto has twelve years of design of R & D, manufacturing & testing.  The engineers and team involved had 30 years of experience in off roads and racing industries

Avart Luxury Toys

Auraa Trends

Fashions change with the passing seasons. If you don’t stay on top of ‘what’s in’, it’s quite easy to look out of date at those special occasions.

Unless, of course, you shop with Auraa Trends. Arti Jain, the owner of this up-and-coming brand, is on hand to make sure you look as though you’ve just stepped out of the pages of the latest fashion mag. ‘It’s not easy keeping up with the latest trends but we are always on hand to advise our customers,’ says Arti. ‘We understand the needs of modern women – the times when you want the more traditional look and when you want to look contemporary. But there is an art to achieving a successful traditional look too. Whatever look you want, for whatever occasion, we are here to make sure you achieve it. We offer the newest range of jewelry for brides and women in general for this wedding and festive season at very affordable prices.’

Audion UK Ltd

Audion manufactures tube amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and audio Electronics since 1987. Affordable esoteric high-end hi-fi, hand built and mainly hard wired using many components hand built in-house. Known for our legendary Silver Night 300B power amplifiers, with globally outstanding reviews from the last 30 years. Audion is an Artisanal British company with a manufacturing base in South Western France in the Bordeaux & Cognac region. Our amplifiers are built with the same attention to detail that the regions fine wines exhibit.  Like a fine wine, our amplifiers enhance your listening pleasure and are designed with accurate reproduction and aesthetic beauty in mind.

Our sister company Revolver Audio makes turntables and loudspeakers to match our amplifiers.

Aphro Adonis LLC

At Aphro Adonis, we have set out to completely change the meaning of luxury by combining high-quality leather bags with the element of personalization. Offering a collection of customized leather goods made of the finest chrome-free leather, we allow you to customize every detail of your bag from colors, pockets, and straps to the most subtle details like the type of zipper and the lining – a level of customization not offered by other brands on the market.

We cater to your personal style — making you the creator. With our easy-to-use online tool, you design the bag that will perfectly suit your lifestyle and our skilled craftsmen will transform our refined, elegant leather into your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

You design, we deliver!

American Classic Toy

American Classic Toy, Inc. as the name suggests, manufactures the great classic toys of the 20th century from the original molds to the original specifications, under the original intellectual property rights updated to current safety standards and technology. We own the original tooling and rights by having acquired many of the greatest toy companies of the 20th century.

The Classic Carousel is made with the original 1956 “Wonder Horse”.

Together with our affiliate companies, we have been in business since 1969.

AFC Holiday

AFC Holidays is a 100% local industry leader in Travel and Tourism within the UAE, offering a wide spectrum of travel services with strategically stationed branches across the country. The reach extends to 55 countries across 6 continents. In addition to being market leaders in leisure travel, AFC Holidays holds a strong stance in corporate and luxury travel, incentive travel, media groups, youth travel & Edu-tours.


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