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17 TH - 19th AUGUST, 2018 Olympia London

AMAZE London (Formerly Knows As Big Boys Toys) is set to be launched from the 17th - 19th of August 2018 in London. AMAZE London is the innovation and luxury lifestyle expo. The show displays the world’s most innovative and luxurious products and services from an amazing lineup of global manufacturers.

Did You Know?

  • UK’s innovative industry contribute £91.8bn to the economy London has the 3rd highest number of millionaires in the world (Over 281,000)
  • Off the world's 500 largest companies, 26 are headquartered in the UK
  • UK's currency is the world's third-largest reserve currency
  • The sales of luxury goods in the the UK is forecasted to reach £51.1 billion in 2019

Exhibitors from across the globe are expected to showcase products and services from 14 distinct categories.

Amaze - Categories



Mr Yanislava Briggs

Creative Director, Eramotive
“Big Boys Toys was truly an excellent opportunity to present the Iris Series Superyachts and a chance to interact face to face with a niche market of clientele, including the royal families. We met exhibitors from all over the globe and established connections to collaborate in the future.

Jesse Jarvis

Creative Director – Elixium
“We had our Global Launch at the Big Boys Toys Expo in Abu Dhabi. The event provides a great platform for meeting Royal Family members, HNWIs and VVIPs. We would like to thank the team for putting on what we believed to be a great event. Especially for the networking potential.”

Nasser Al Marzouqi

Designer of the Khalifa Superyacht
“I would like to thank all the employees and the management for that great chance to participate in that world wide famous event. For me it was the chance to appear to the world with my concepts and ideas and to represent my country as I made many relation's with all those great people from all over the world."

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